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Jetta- chocking and clicking at dashboard

Please help… I have a 1999 (new body style) VW Jetta GLS. 4cyl, 2L engine. It has been chocking intermittently. there is no set pattern of when it chokes. it chokes at speeds above and below 60mph. it usually chokes at constant speed; non acceleration…BUT it has choked while accelerating from stop. the heater is sometimes on and sometimes off…my point is there is no set pattern. THE THING IS…everytime it chokes, there is a clicking at the dashboard. just one click per choke/jerking. the dash lights and the headlights do NOT dim or flash at all. THERE IS NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT illuminated in the dash or any other warning light. the choking has not caused the car to stall or shut off…although there have been times when it almost did.
the car has been tuned up…plugs, wires, fuel filter…timing belt and serpentine relatively new.
Please help.

Might be the fuel pump relay. It is usually located under the dash.

the dealership is telling me it may be trans or motor mounts. is that possible? i felt like it was another issue so this suprises me. mainly bc the choking is only rarely at the point of accelerating. choking typically happens at constant speed

I doubt if it’s the trans or the motor mounts, but the truth is that there are perhaps 100 possibilities and there’s ont enough information to lessen the list. Many parts stores will check your ECU for stored fault codes, and that’s a good place to start. Just because the light isn;t lit does not mean you haven’t stored some codes. Additionally, if the maintenance hasn’t been kept up (got plugs?) that’d be a good place to start as well. Lastly, someone will need to look at the car. Engines can bog down because there’s too little fuel (low pressure), too little spark (too weak), too little air, inability to breath out (clogged exhaust), or other causes. Each of these main causes has a number of possible root causes.

More needs to be known.

one of the relays under the dash. Could be the power relay, see other threads. If I remember, the failing relay will be Hot.

Relays are cheap and you can replace them yourself. Do it ASAP, a failed relay, at highway speeds is extremely inconvenient. Let us know.

drum roll please…so the vw dealership called. the fix…missing bolts in the motor mount. the missing mounts allowed the engine to move just enough to pull/lean/disturb the ground cable. apparently my car wasnt the first. i was in shock and disbelief. so when i picked up the car i drove it abt 30 straight min on the highway…nothing. drove another 20 or so min on surface streets…nothing.
yes ‘the same mountainbike’ it really could be 100 different things (yes i keep it tuned up) and i would not have guessed this one. although i think i still detect faint irregular clicking, the choking is gone. the car rides really good; smooth. i will continue to monitor over the weekend.
thanks so much for each of your responses

not good to have the engine fly off its mounts. Good that you took dealership’s immediate advice.