2002 Jetta Wagon GLX V6 - Clicking in dash with associated missing/cutting out


I have had this car for about a year. Two or 3 months ago the check engine light came on with a “catalyst below efficiency bank 1” code. I drove it for a few weeks like that (the dealer said it was okay). Then the car started to miss pretty badly. It was upredictable, except that it seemed to happen mostly when you were accelerating. It added the code P0606 - PCM Processor Fault.

The volkswagen dealer is about an hour away from us and has NEVER managed to fix a problem (I previously had a Jetta 4 cyl) for us, so we took it to a local mechanic (okay, more of a body shop, really). They said they changed the MAF (why, I don’t know) and it did nothing. They changed the coil pack and it did nothing. They decided I had water in my fuel (don’t think so) and added some sort of fuel additive.

I got the car back and drove it a few days. I bought a new battery, having read that a bad battery could cause PCM problems. It worked great for about 3 days (200 miles or so). After that, the problem was worse and I noticed this suspicious “clicking” sound in my dash when I would start the car. Then I noticed that when the car missed, I would hear the clicking sound. I took it back and they replaced the fuel pump relay. The car started and seemed to run okay for about 2 minutes at idle. Then the numbnut sat there revving up the motor over and over and the car shut itself down and wouldn’t start.

So, then (being a moron, apparently), I let them replace the fuel pump. It didn’t work. The car starts and has a clicking sound in the dash. It runs, but clicks and cuts out when you accelerate.

Does anyone, anywhere have any idea what could be causing this problem? I just know it?s electrical somehow, but there are no people in our town that will work on Jettas.

Better yet, does anyone want to buy a cute silver Jetta wagon with leather interior and only 85k for REAL CHEAP (maybe 4500)??