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2003 Dodge Caravan Sport clunking noise

When I drive down a street you can hear a clunking noise coming from the frontend and feel the clunk under your feet, esp. the passenger side. Also while parked and not running, you can jump on the van and hear the noise. I have replaced the connecting link on the sway bar on the passenger side. What else could it be? Dealership said it was the driver side inner tie rod and driver side steering rack inner boot. They also wanted $1300 to fix it. Could this possible be the problem?

Better check those sway bar bushings. Have had thre different Chrysler minivans in past years and all of them had the clunk you are describing. It was the sway bar bushings every time. I’m not sure but each one might run you less than $10. Good luck and let us know the final problem.

Thank you-that’s the problem. I took it to another shop this afternoon and he said that is the problem. Funny thing is that I suspected it in the long run, that’s why I replaced the connecting link. Of course the dealership put the van back together halfly and the guy I took it to had to fix their mistake. The dealership overfilled the steering rack inner boot and didn’t clamp it back on. At least I know the problem and will get it fixed. Thanks again.