Dodge Grand Caravan clunks when braking in reverse

If I am moving in reverse and tap the brake I hear a clunk from the rear of the car. If I continue in reverse and then again apply the brake then no clunk. If I drive forward and stop, no clunk. If I then shift into reverse again and apply brake I get the clunk again. Had the struts/shocks replaced but no change. Any ideas?

If you’re sure that the clunk is in the rear, it probably has drum brakes, and someone should inspect, clean, re-lube and adjust them. Or perhaps just re-do them entirely depending on the wear.

Sounds as if something is shifting around. Have the motor mounts checked and the exhaust hangers. Also, the sway bar bushings.

Could well be the brakes as mentioned above. Here’s another idea, if this is a rear-wheel drive vehicle. If so, ask your mechanic to inspect the drive shaft u-joints for play. Do you have a limited slip differential in the rear? If so, to some extent this is normal. If it is excessive, more now than before, the first thing to try is replacing the differential fluid. There’s probably an additive specified by Dodge required for limited slip diffs. Also, if this is an older vehicle with a limited slip diff, there’s some clutches in the diff that may need replacing.

I don’t think a Caravan was ever made that was RWD. I do believe that some are AWD, however. I was assuming FWD as that is the norm, but certainly if it is AWD that does open possibilities.

Wind up of the rear brakes. Clean and adjust rear brakes.