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Jenny Jenny, we can kiss and still be friendly....!

Heyya fans,

I was just wondering about the song that was played between the second call (Jennifer going to her husbond’s club meetings) and the week’s puzzler (windshield)…

I searched all over Google for the title, but couldn’t come up with title… help!

The lyrics go like this:

Jenny Jenny, lets get sweaty… we can kiss and still be friendly.
The road can get a little rough, I’ll pick you up in my pickup truck…

The interesting song is attached as an mp3 file. enjoy and help me out! :smiley:
Oh, by the way, it won’t let me attach it, so please rename the extension from song.txt to song.mp3

If it was played on the show, find a page on the Car Talk web site labeled something like “songs heard on car talk,” or “heard on car talk.” I’ve seen it before, but I don’t remember where it is. Car Talk’s web site has its own search feature.

It’s here: Car Talk Musicology.

Here it is, at MySpace (as linked to from, yes, Car Talk’s “music on our show” page The song title is “Pickup Truck”.

Nice shot annb!
Found the exact song I was searching mindless for!
Again, thanks so much xD
Cheers! :smiley: