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Does Anyone Recognize This Song?

I am stumped trying to identify the song that was played before the first break on last week’s show (2/21/29). I’ve googled several lyric excerpts to no avail. I’d appreciate it if anyone could tell me if they recognize it, or if there’s someplace at the Car Talk website where they credit the music featured on the show.

Here 'tis:

your body on my frame, i like how it feels

one hand on my key, one palm on my wheel

we shift into first and it doesn’t take long

your love hit the gas and i knew i was gone

i wanna drive … i wanna drive

Try this:

That’s it! I knew there was a link somewhere, just couldn’t find it. Thanks!

The song is “(I Wanna) Drive” by Jamie Anderson from NC. She has four albums available (this is track 1 from her second, “Listen,” from 2001), but has no lyrics on her website. Nor has any fan posted them anywhere. Rather unusual to search on lyric excerpts and come up empty - and I do mean zero - especially for an artist who has been recording for ten years. Oh well.