Unlike Toyota Jeep has no built in pull points…(stuck in the mud ect.) What gives? Why would they do that and what are the remedies

I would guess you could have them added.  If the Toyota is made outside the US, then likely they put the points on to secure the car in transit.

Thanks. I understand i can put something on jeep just looking for input on that. Toyota has many times open hooks on front that work great. If they dont have them they can be easily added by removing bumper bolts and add the hooks. Ive always been surprised that a name that associates itself with off road has no hooking points other than axle ect

Bumper bolts or holes already in the frame…i forget but its quick n easy

Much is reletive to vehicle type and year. most towing pull points are slots in the frame the t-hooks fit in.
For more bolt on quick hooks and loops visit and

It’s a Jeep thing, you wouldn’t understand.

Its a Jeep, won’t get stuck-ever.

This just means you should get a nice beefy winch added to the front :slight_smile:

How much work to gear it down?

Depending on the “package” the original orderer of your Jeep specified, it could have come from the factory with belly pans and pull hooks. Adding the hooks is no big deal. Why don’t they put hooks on all of them? Two good reasons. Expense. Not everyone wants them.

Most people use Cherokees and Grand Cherokees as passenger vehicles and family haulers. Adding tow hooks would only add to the expense of an already expensive vehicle. Aftermarket tow hooks are easy to find and easy to install with a little drilling. I have added them to a couple of my vehicles, and they are easy to install.

Sounds good. Where might i find these add on hooks?

Many auto parts stores sell them. You could also try to see what they have. You could also request a catalog if you are interested in other 4x4 stuff, like lifts, gears, lockers, etc.

A catalog from Quadratrac? ill c what i can find online. I would like to gear in down and a locking rear. Its already lifted with 235’s n gearing seems a little high. I want to go with 31’s

31’s will usually fit where 235’s fit. They’re a little bigger, but not much.