Jeep Wrangler hydraulic clutch bleeder line leaking

I have a '89 Jeep Wrangler 2.5L with the AX5 transmission. I noticed over time I had to push the clutch pedal down more to make it work. I checked the hydraulic fluid reservoir and it was empty. I filled it but the pedal had no pressure. I looked at bleed the line protruding out from the clutch housing and noticed a fluid trail on it and inside the clutch housing. The rubber insulator at the opening was missing and suspect corrosion and any movement on the line cracked it where it connects inside. I am ready to junk this vehicle because it is rusted pretty bad, but thought I’d ask before I do. I would appreciate any suggestions.

You solved your own problem it seems to me…YOu found a rusted line to your clutch slave? Or was it that your bleeder nipple is leaking…You need to buy a $25 dollar clutch slave and or some brake line and fix up your ailing clutch. Seems pretty simple.

Try $100 for the clutch slave cylinder, but you need to drop the transmission to replace it. Shop labor prices start at $500 and up.

OH! They did the same clutch as my Ford Explorer? DAMN THEM…I see no advantage to that design save for that they cut one part out of the lineup…the slave pivot lever.

I HATE those ALL IN ONE clutch slave/throwout bearing NIGHTMARES…

Now I get it…Sorry…I dont get my hands on too many Jeeps actually.