Can not locate leaking clutch fluid

Hello - I own a Jeep Wrangler 1993. The car has not been used often - the mileage is now 70K.

I have owned several Wranglers and never experienced problem with the clutch. Last year the clutch pedal dropped to the floor. I went to a repair shop - I paid for new master cylinder, new slave cylinder and new clutch pads. They did not present the used parts and I did not ask for them. Immediately the clutch pedal was soft. They adjusted and it seemed OK - not perfect.

Now one year later the pedal dropped again

to the floor. I went to a different shop - which I know and I trust - they changed the master cylinder and the pedal pressure returned to normal.

Now - 5 weeks later there pedal has dropped

again. I checked the master cylinder and it was empty – there is no fluid in the car near the pedal – no fluid on the line to the transmission and

no fluid on the transmission case. Before I pay to open the transmission – do you have a suggestion? Why and where is the fluid

escaping to?


it not going into tranny. have the mechanics replaced the flexible hose? could be leaking there

Did you pull up the carpet under the pedals and look? I had a master cylinder go bad, and could only tell when you pulled up a corner of the carpet.

Hello – thanks for the reply-- I’ll look again at the flexible hose – I just filled the master cylinder again – and the clutch feels “normal” now.The gears are changing normally. Could it be a slow leak which is absorbed by the clutch pad ?