1985 jeep cherokee

I have an 85 cherokee with a 2.8li and a 5 spd trans and 4x4. I recently replaced both slave and master clutch cilynders, and now it won’t hold presure. Could it be the line. It has a rubber section about a foot long. It dosen’t appear wet but it is realy dirty. The clutch was also replaced with in the last month.I think I replaced a similar line in an 89’ mazda 626 that had the same problem of not holding presure.

If it will not hold pressure, then it must have a leak. If the slave cylinder is not moving when the clutch pedal is pressed, then there is air in the line, and the lines must be bled. There is a bleed screw on the slave cylinder, but the master should be bench bled. Without that, it is difficult to bleed all the air out of the system.

Hydraulic clutches can be a real bear to bleed to get all the air out. So much so that I pressure bleed hydraulic clutches now. Gets the job done faster. But what you can do is let the clutch gravity bleed. Remove the cap from the master cylinder and open the bleeder on the slave cylinder and let gravity do the work. Just keep an eye on the fluid in the master cylinder so it doesn’t get too low.