89 Jeep Wrangler clutch problem/transmission problem?

Just got done putting new clutch, master cylinder and slave cylinder in my 89 Jeep wrangler and it still will not go into gear while the vehicle is “turned on”, however it shifts into all gears while the vehicle is turned off. After bleading the clutch/getting all the air out, for over an hour it still would not go into gear while the vehicle is running, only when it is turned off. I need some cartalk advice, either from the brothers or somebody? HELP! I’m stressed…need my Jeep for work.

The first thing I’ll ask is, are you sure the clutch disc was installed correctly and not backwards?

If so, then keep bleeding the hydraulic clutch system. These can be such a pain where I’ve resorted to using my brake pressure bleeder to bleed some hydraulic clutch systems.


Nice, so your saying first make sure the clutch was not installed backwards. Then, how long have you seen the clutch bleeding process take? 30min.-1 hour. or can it take longer? I will have to go back in and make sure that it was installed correctly. Oh, a break pressure bleeder, that too…

I am having same problem with my jeep wrangler 1989 Yj,How did you fix your problem?
I have just ordered master and slave cylinder but haven’t replaced it yet.

In addition to what @Tester said… do this… Jack up the rear end of your Jeep… Start the engine and see if you can put her in gear… if it grinds and sorta lets you in gear…and the rear wheels immediately start turning, your clutch is not letting go or releasing. It may be because the actual friction disc is installed backwards (it happens) or for another reason that will not allow the clutch to fully uncouple the engine and the trans.

Jacking up the rear wheels will allow you to go into gear easier esp if the clutch is not fully letting go…just be sure you are NOT in 4wd…that would be “messy”

Another “uncoupling” test you can do is to put her in gear…(with rear wheels off ground and in 2wd)…then start the engine. Push the clutch in and hit the brakes…the rear wheels should stop. If they dont or wont…it further proves the clutch cannot uncouple engine and trans…you need to investigate the why…

Are there any after market floor mats under the pedals? If so remove them and pump the pedal several dozen times and then try to shift.