Jeep wrangler hard top


I’ve got a jeep wrangler with a factory soft top on it. I want to change over to a hard top but I have heard that you have to change the suspension to make the switch. Does any one know if this is has a truth to it???


I find that hard to believe. What year are you talking about? I know the hardtop for an '89 is easily lifted by two people and has no noticeable affect on the stance when installed versus not. It doesn’t weigh much more than a large adult male so not much different than a passenger in the back seat. I can’t imagine them making special builds for hardtop versus soft.


When I purchased my 05 wrangler new it had a hard top and the dealer replaced it with the soft at my request. no suspension mods were required and i’m sure that would be the case vice versa.

Some aftermarket suspensions (e.g. Old Man Emu) do ask whether there is hard/soft top. It might make a difference with a lift and lower spring rates, and the addition of heavier additional accessories such as winches, etc.


Absolutely no changes required. Just take off the soft top and put the hard top on. It should clamp on the windshield just like your soft top and then there are several bolts to put in in the back. I don’t know what year you have, but on the TJs there is even a plug already included (near the tailgate) to activate the rear window wiper and washer.