Getting AC in my 99 Wrangler

I have a 99 Jeep Wranger. I am the original owner. It only has 60,000 miles on it. When I bought it I didn’t get air conditioning thinking,“Oh, I’ll just take the top off.” Ummm…dumb mistake. Well, I live in NYC and am now moving to Austin, TX to join my husband! Hot! What do you think of TJ Wrangler AC Kits from Jeepair? It seems have a good rep and they claim it’s very easy to install and even comes with instructions. I may get my father or my local mechanic to do it. Am I crazy? Is it worth it? Here’s the link. http://www…ne-456.php

No It would be worth it but check out company with BBB and ask around. If they check out go for it!


Does the Jeep have a hard top? The rag top is well ventilated and the Texas heat will blow right through the gaps in the doors.

Rag top. I drove the jeep cross country in a heat wave and it was hell. It’s black as well so it gets hot.

The heat in Austin can be oppressive to a Lookout Mountain transplant and a rag-top Jeep is not conducive to AC. You might price a hard top, the lightest shade that you can find. But then, Austin commutes might be quite a bit more stressful than East Tennessee’s and Jeeps don’t really handle rush hours well either. How attached are you to the Jeep?

I’m actually relocating from NYC so I’m hoping Austin traffic will feel like East Tennessee. ha ha. But, yes, although I’m very attached to my jeep, it may be a problem. thanks for you input. :slight_smile:

Excuse me. I sometimes read several threads while waiting in the office and later reply from my sometimes confused memory. I have visited Austin in the summer, though. The heat will remain fixed in my memory… Who was from East Tennessee?

If you are moving permantly to Texas, sell the Jeep and buy somthing more economical with 2 wheel drive and a good A/C. Most Texans commute long distances, but do not have snow to contend with.

Like the old joke about the Texan driving home from a trip that calls and says:

“Honey, I’m on my way home. I just crossed the border into Texas. I’ll see you in three days.”.

It’s not hot in TX yet; wait until August.

I’ve installed a lot of add-on A/C units and the vast majority are really not that difficult for someone with a mild amount of mechanical aptitude. My feeling is that this unit would be comparatively simple to add on.

The nagging issue for me would be a black vehicle with a ragtop. That A/C unit may really struggle to keep the interior cold or it may do nothing more than make it tolerable at best.

I’ve seen a few add-on units (not done by me thankfully) that just did not have the capability to refrigerate a car like they should and none of these were ragtop vehicles.
Before spending the bucks I’d mail the company and ask questions about refrigerant capacity, the size of the evaporator as compared to the factory unit, if an aftermarket condenser fan should be added, (not included), etc.
At 1100 dollars I’d say the price for the kit is right anyway.