Converting tops?

I was wondering if it was at all possible to convert a soft top Solara to a hard top. My car is an ‘06, the top was replaced a year ago I believe (I just recently bought it from a private seller). However, I think it would look better with a hard top. Has anyone gotten this done? Know if it’s possible? Pricing? Let me know.

Why would they do that to a 12year old car?

Of course it is possible, most anything is with enough money.

Probably more than a really nice new car.

Do I get points for not posting ( This is really a nutso idea ) ?

Vsounds like you want a 2 door camry. which they did not make.
interesting what concepts casual car owners come up with.
usually folks want to make a convt out of a car that is already a hardtop.
i cant recall a toyo/honda car with a fold down hard top.
Edit:well, they do make a hardtop solara.

If a hard top was originally available, then it probably would be convertible from soft to hard (couldn’t help myself on that pun). I don’t remember if the Solara was every offered as a hard top, though. My 01 was a soft top, but that was also the generation prior to yours. If a hard top wasn’t an available option, then you would have to have a hard top custom made, which will be quite expensive. I checked Rock Auto and didn’t see a hard top listed as an available part to purchase

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thank you for being kind in your response. I didn’t think to even check on the generation of cars. I was looking all around and didn’t see options to buy a hard top, so that’s why I was asking if it was at all possible :slight_smile:

It would be far far easier/cheaper to trade your car in when you purchase a 2 door Solara.



Volvo, while blunt, is correct. It is possible to do almost anything with enough money…the question is how much will it cost?

Personally, I wouldn’t even consider it with you just shelling out big bucks to replace the top a year ago.

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A Solara coupe can be bought for about $5000. No hard top convertibles were produced, if you want a hard top convertible consider the 2010-2015 Lexus IS 350C.


Easy. Go to a boating supply shop. Couple of gallons resin, some fiberglass mat, the Top will be rock hard.

All you’d have there would be the exact same look, only shiny, and now the convertible doesn’t work.

OP wants the look of the coupe - he’s not gonna get that by resin-coating the ragtop.

Methinks there’s a bit of joking going on…

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Solara means “sun”.
Sure, if you have a boatload of money there are places that can do it for you, but then it won’t be a Solara anymore, will it?

You’d be better to get a brand new Camry… it’ll cost less.

It’s possible, but unlikely to be $$$ feasible compared to the other options mentioned above.