Jeep Wrangler 2000 big list of repairs what do fix first?


I have an island car- a 2000 Jeep Wrangler-102500 Miles. I recently took it in to fix the heat shield on the muffler as it was dragging on the drive shaft as it was loose and clanky. The mechanic fixed it and gave me a long list of items to repair:

I do not know what is eesential to repair 1st as I haven;t noticed any thing wrong with the ride.

He suggest: Rear End: Shocks, sway bar link rods, and frame bushings.

Front End: shocks, sway bar link rods, upper & lower ball joints, front differentail axle and ujoint.

I do not know much about jeeps but seems that it is almost too tall of an order for repair- how costly could all this be and should I fix what isn’t yet broken? What is most essential for my safety?

Where, exactly, did you take your Jeep for the heat shield repair?

I think the first thing to do is get another opinion. From a different mechanic.

Island car? Does this mean you often drive in sand?

The only thing I would be concerned about for safety on an “Island car” would be the ball joints and I would want a second opinion on those if a second opinion is available on the island.

Have you noticed any problems? Noises? What exactly is an island car? Does this mean it never goes on the highway?

Did you take it to a chain like Monro, Pep Boys, Meineke, etc? They are working on commission–I am surprised they didn’t suggest a blinker fluid flush and seatbelt rotation.

Like the others said, take it to an independent garage to get a second opinion if you are concerned. DO NOT let the first shop do all of this work.

I took it to a local mechanic on island. I live where the roads are pretty rough and pot hole filled. don’t drive much on sand but it does occur.