2000 jeep frame

Please help! We purchased a 2000 Jeep Wrangler 3 months ago ($9200) with 70,000 miles. Were told last week by two diff. mechanics NOT to drive it as it’s frame is so rusted it’s unsafe. Of course dealer won’t help (sold in Indiana as is). I can’t find a new frame for it and so am trying to find a TJ frame without too much rust. Not having much luck here either. I hadn’t heard that jeeps are notorious for this. Lesson learned. Question: is pieceing the frame going to be safe for off-roading or keep trying to find a better frame?

Two different mechanics told you it was unsafe, I’d listen. If it is unsafe for the street, it will not hold up for off-road. It sounds like they want to patch the existing frame to strengthen it. However, it may still be too weak for off-road use after the patching. If this truck were purchased with off-roading in mind, a sound frame is your safest bet.

I did find a source for some patch panels to restore a frame. http://www.jeep4x4center.com/jeep-body-parts/frames-accessories-wrangler-tj.htm If the frame is not too far gone, maybe it can be patched successfully.

Go to daveysjeep.com he has rust free frames. He is in Salem Ohio