Why does my 90 Jeep Cherokee (Pioneer 6 cyl, 2WD) stall at random times?

I have replaced the fuel filter, air filter, oxygen sensor and crank sensor, but the car keeps stalling randomly. Sometimes it won’t start up right away, and I have to wait a few minutes befroe it will start. It has new plugs, plug wires, rotor and distributor cap. Don’t know what else to check??

If the vehicle stalls while moving at a steady speed. If you have vacuum advance which will move the breaker plate in the distributor, you could have a rare problem. The wires connected to the pickup may be frayed. I don’t know if it happens to Jeep vehicles with good stereos (Pioneer) but I saw it on an 85 ford Escort. I don’t know your vehicle but the Jeep about 1990 wasn’t anything really good. I knew one guy who had to disconnect things under the hood to get it to start again. Sensors, but I don’t know which one('s). Those frayed wires are not a likely cause.

When the engine does not immediately restart, do some trouble shooting. Have a spark tester, inductive timing light, and a can of ether available. When the engine does not start, connect the spark tester to see if you are getting spark. If there is spark, connect up the timing light to see if the spark is occuring where it should on cranking. You may need to simulate this before hand to find the timing marks and where they correspond while cranking. If you have spark and the timing is correct, squirt some ether into the throttle body to see if you get a burst of start.

From your symptoms I would suspect the ignitor or the coil. But a fuel pump could also have a heat related problem. If you have the tools try a pressure check on the fuel pump when you get a no start stall.

Hope that helps. Let us know what the progress is on this. Curious