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I have a 1995 jeep grand chorke larado with185,000 miles. The Jeep starts fine and runs good but it willl not go into drive. So I replaced the trans filter and it went into drive and reverse and worked well for 2 weeks. Know when I put it in drive or reverse it dies. I rev it up and put it drive and it does . I stilll dies but i drove it for 50 miles and the trans started smokinging. What do I do? is it worth getting the transmission fix or is that the problem? The fluid level is fine and does not leak, any ideas or sujestions would help

The transmission is probably not the source of the stalling problem, and it very unlike an automatic transmission to smoke, especially if you are not losing fluid. You would be best off taking the Jeep into a repair shop and have them diagnose the problem. Make sure you have a set price for the diagnosis up front, and be prepared to pay for it if you decide the repair is too expensive. Make it clear that you do not intend to spend a lot of money repairing the problem - this Jeep with 185,000 miles is on the verge of turning into a money pit on you as it is.

You definitely need to take this Jeep to a reputable transmission shop, preferably not a chain operation like AAMCO or anything like that. The stalling actually could be the transmission. If the lockup torque converter is not unlocking, it will cause the engine to stall. I had this happen on my old Buick. Replacing the torque converter clutch solenoid solved the problem. If you have already had issues with the transmission being unable to move the vehicle, and now are having some sort of smoke emanating from it (or apparently so), it is definitely long overdue for an evaluation from a reputable mechanic. If it comes down to rebuilding or replacing your transmission, you will also need to take stock in previous repairs, condition of the vehicle, cost of replacement versus repair, etc. to determine if you should repair or replace this vehicle.


Got it, thanks

I would run to the repair shop just yet. Its some sort of sensor or control module …something of that nature. If you have any mechanical abilities i would do further research. I wouldnt be surprised if its a fairly easy fix

I have a 95 but its a manual transmission