Jeep parts

Here’s a message I left today for Mopar Parts: I am unable to order through the shopping cart or phone system so would appreciate a reply. Are you guys going out of business? If you guys are unable to provide part # 68059647AB $221.56 for the left rear door, please let me know. The car is not quite seven years old yet so it shouldn?t be necessary for me to go after market. I know that Cerebrus gutted and stripped most of the companies they invested in but I was hoping to buy another Jeep some day but can?t do it if there?s no viable parts supply system in place. Last spring, it took me over a month to get an air-conditioner hose. Is this situation just going to keep getting worse?

On a seven year old Jeep, I would be looking for aftermarket or junkyard parts. Welcome to government-owned industry, America.