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2003 Jeep Wrangler Manual Trans - Part on backorder

I had my My 2003 Jeep Wrangler towed into my mechanic’s station two weeks ago with what I thought was a dead clutch. I found out however that one of the parts related to the transmission - the Main Drive Shaft Retainer - had malfunctioned, and that the clutch is ok. This part, according to my mechanic and to the two parts dealers I contacted, is on “forever backorder”. I have never heard of this before. There doesn’t seem to be any other manufacturer of this part either. How could I find this part? Would it be safe or possible to get it from a scrap yard? what does “forever” backorder mean anyway?

You might want to find a Jeep forum, I bet they’ll have a ready answer.

Who Are The " two parts dealers " That You Refer To In Your Question ?
Are These Jeep/Chrysler Dealers’ Parts Departments Or Other Suppliers ?

Have you had a Jeep dealer do a national search for this part ?


Have You Tried Auto Salvage To Locate A Used Part That Will Work To Get You On The Road ?

Is there much labor involved in replacing this part ? What is the estimated cost ?

I just googled it, came up with this:
Here’s another:
Is that the correct part number? If so, I wonder about your mechanic!

texases - the part does not appeat on backorder until you pay for it - this has happened to me and my mechanic. we ordered the part, only to find days later that it is on back order. I’ll try a jeep forum.

Common sense answer: The labor involves pulling the clutch out so yes, a lot of labor invcolved. estimated cost about 600 - 800. This is what prevented me from trying a salvage yard. although if I do not hear anything from the dealership soon, I will try the slavage yards.
I have tried two Chrylser dealerships in my area; this info was given to me by the corporate office main number. The Jeep dealers have done a national search for the part. Chrysler Corp has responded to me saying part is on back order and I will be contacted when they know more.

Thanks for your help!

what does “forever” backorder mean anyway?

A more common term is indefinite backorder. In other words, they don’t have any in stock and there are no plans to make new ones.

Hopefully, someone on a more specific forum dedicated to your Jeep will have a source but I have had to buy used assemblies just to get the part I needed if I couldn’t make a replacement myself.

I might be inclined to start calling dedicated transmission rebuilding shops to see what they say…

How is that part failing? I recall replacing a couple of front bearing retainers over the years due to wear that caused the throw out bearing to drag but the transmissions had hundreds of thousands of miles of commercial delivery operation.