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Jeep Liberty not fixed right the first time

I have a 2005 Jeep Liberty Renegade that i have had for about 2 1/2 years. A year ago I was in a front passenger side collision which damaged the front passenger side of the the vehicle. It was repaired or so I thought. I have had a few accident related repairs i have had to make because of poor quality collision work. The current problem is this: the passenger door which was bent in the accident does not seal properly and the gaps and seems do not match up and this is visible from the exterior. this has resulted in an extremely noisy ride especially at higher parkway speeds. also because of this inproper alignment the car door will leak water from the top during heavy rainfall. In addition to these problems the door also is a shade or two different then the color of the rest of the car. I was told that the door wasnt painted and that the car must have been painted previously to the accident, which is possible since it was used but highly unlikely considering the carfax report was as clean as it could be. What would it cost for a body shop to rebend this door back into shape to fix this leak and cabin noise and also for them to paint the door to match the rest of the car?
thank you

Before you spend anything, have you talked to your insurance company about getting the repairs done properly?

CARFAX isn’t known for being particularly accurate, so I wouldn’t say “highly unlikely”.

i have not contacted the insurance company about this problem from the poor repair job yet. i wanted to know what the general ball park estimate would be for this kind of job before i go to the insurance company.

Don’t believe Carfax. They present themselves as being able to provide a profile o the car’s history, when in fact very, very little of actual acciident data is reported to them. And much of the data they have is wrroneous. There is no comprehensive accident reporting database in existance.

How much it would cost to correct the problem depends on exactly how extemsive the problem is. It’s unlikely that it’s a simple “bend the door back”. The good news is that most body shops will provide you with a written estimate without charge. You can decide from there whether you want to proceed.

To get a real repair estimate, go to a body shop you trust (also isn’t the one that did the poor work)and have them write up an estimate. In my area, they are free and can be a good negotiating resource.