Jeep liberty diesel transmission

Could a tune-up/inspection trigger a previously non-existent transmission problem? Prior to a tune-up, the vehicle was running great. After the tune-up the transmission started a very scary and dangerous action when excelling. The vehicle seems to run fine, but when you excel from 61-62ish, it feels like the rear brakes engage and pull the vehicle back and then it releases and lurches forward. A good reminder not to speed, but very dangerous…and hard on the vehicle. I took it back to the mechanic who ran diagnostics and believes that two gears are trying to engage at the same time which is why is causing the braking/pull back feeling and subsequent lurch. He believes the cause is a celluloid in the transmission, which is an area that he didn’t work on, so according to the mechanic the problem is unrelated to him. Maybe so, but still odd timing. Anyway, he said that he checked into recalls and there were none, but found it fishy that the local dealer in small town Bend carried the transmission cellunoid in stock ($330 part).

Another mechanic I consulted over the phone said that the transmission cellenoid might be the problem, but that their was also another common problem with the model involving a torque converter. ARRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHH, help, I’m over my head and would appreciate any help (I’m better w/pictures and diagrams than mechanical terms :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Model year? Mileage??

2006 Jeep liberty diesel, 51K

A “Tune-up” on a diesel??? What did the tune up consist of??
This transmission has a “Solenoid” pack on it but I’m just wondering where he’s coming up with $330 for it. Unless there’s something I dont know yet about yours, the solenoid assy lists for $600


Hi Transman,
I was told it was the standard 50K check, but I have to admit, I am operating on blind faith here, but the referral came from a very reliable source and the mechanic seemed to be honest & trustworthy. So here’s the puch list:
Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection
Complete Lube, oil & filter service
Replace fuel filter

I can provide more detail if needed.
differential service
crain & refill front differetial
drain and fill rear differetial add friction modifier
Transfer Case Service

Ok, that makes more sense. Usually when someone refers to a “Tune-up” they are refering to spark plugs, wires, distributor cap and rotor, things like that. These are things that diesel motors dont have.