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Jeep grand cherokee want start

i have a 1993 jeep grand cherokee 4.0 that want start i have change the starter ,alternator, pick up coil, cap rotor, pcm, but when i turn the ignition on there is a clicking sound under the relay compartment even when while the motor is turning. help please, whats wrong?

I suspect this will be a hard one to do on line. Hands on and being able to see and feel and hear the car can go a long way.

Have you personally done all the work you listed, or have you had it done. I suspect an experienced mechanic will be able to address the problem, but he or she will need to see hear the car.

yes they said it is could be a short under the relay box ,fuel and pump is fine.even if you leave the ignition on the relay box with about 7 relayes just click open and close.