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Jeep Grand Cherokee sitting in garage for a few years. Maintenance or checklist?

My Jeep Grand Cherokee has been sitting in the garage for the last four years. The garage is stays fairly warm and the car has been on a battery tender and started every so often.

Fuel tank has been mostly empty and I’ve put in new fuel every so often with fuel injector cleaner. The car starts like a champ, and seemingly runs with no issues. I’m looking to get the car back on the road and ready to sell.

Prior to sitting in the garage, the car had a tune up/new spark plugs and wires, brake flush, oil change and fuel filter and has essentially new tires on it.

My question is what sort of maintenance or tips do folks recommend for getting her back to shape?

Pretty much none. Sounds like you did all the right things during storage.

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Check tire inflation cold. They might need some driving to work out flat spots.

As posted above the tires are probably the main concern. Make sure they are within the recommended age date. Rubber, plastic, and grease will degrade w/time, but if no degradation is visually obvious the best bet is probably just drive it gently for a while and observe if any problems along those lines develop. Brake and suspension problems, vacuum hose & seal leaks, filters, etc. I’d probably replace the engine oil and filter proactively for good measure, as those are the life blood of the engine.