Car in Storage

I am about to buy a car that has been stored in a garage for over a year…is there anything I should do, such as siphon the old gas and put in new, or would it be ok to just start driving it?

Most here would say syphon as much of the gas out as you can, then add fresh gas. You may have to replace the battery as well. Once it’s running,get it to a good independent mechanic and change the oil and filter, check the brakes, all clamps, hoses and belts.

If the timing belt has never been changed, you might have to do that as well,depending on the miles on the car.

Read through the owner’s manual and bring any other maintenance items up to date.

You don’t have to do all these in one day, but the timing belt is a critical item.

Probably no need to siphon the old gas out, just add fresh asap. A family member recently bought an old van that was in a garage for over 3 years, started up and ran like it never missed a day with the old gas. Battery, hoses, oil, trans fluid and belts are all things that should be changed and or evaluated.

I would siphon out a SAMPLE of the gas, put it in a glass jar and examine it. Color and smell will tell the story. Dark orange color, smells like old paint thinner, don’t use it.

How long “over a year”?? Be sure to pump up the tires and stand on the brakes for 15 seconds to be sure the pedal is firm and solid…Check all the fluids. If the battery is dead, replace it.

Change the oil and filter, check all fluids, check the tire pressure and fill up on gas. Take it slow the first few miles or so to let the tires get back in round. You’ll hear and feel a thumping until that clears up. I don’t see why worrying about the timing chain would be a given. New battery not a given either. Check battery water level and give it a charge, if needed.