95 Jeep Grand Cherokee makes noise on hard turns

I have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4 x 4 that is making yet another new noise. This started on only hard left turns, and sounds kind of like a clicking or soft repetitive thump. On normal turns, it isn’t noticeable at all, but I discovered it one day when doing a 3 point turn. Recently, it’s started doing it on hard right turns, too.

I had the tie rod ends replaced about three years ago, and the tires were all replaced last year. The front and rear differential were both replaced in the last two years.

What could be making this new sound? My local Jeep dealer just went out of business, and I don’t know any local mechanics, so I’m a bit nervous about just finding some guy and asking him to identify a noise.


This is the classic CV joint symptom. It is time to get them all checked, and at least one of them replaced.