Jeep front wheel knocking/bumping left

I have a 02 Jeep liberty sport, rear wheel drive. at all speeds, but realy bad at slow speeds, what feels like the front left wheel is getting stuck at a certain part of its rotation. when i take my hands of the steering wheel you can clearly see the steering wheel turn left around 10% left every time the front wheel reaches that certain part. at slow speed the vehicle is pretty rough and shakes back and forth, at higher speeds it still shakes but less noticeable.

Has Your Jeep Had A Recall Performed On The Front-End?

672,000 2002-2003 Liberty Models were recalled for inspection, and/or replacement of lower control arm ball joints that can lose lubrication and wear-out to the point of breaking or coming apart, resulting in total loss of control and possibly an accident.

This would be a good starting point for getting to the root of your problem. It needs to be inspected.

Possibly you don’t know if your Jeep is subject to the recall for sure or whether or not it’s been done. Get your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and call a Jeep dealer. They can check for you.

This sounds potentially, immediately, very dangerous. I wouldn’t operate it until it is repaired.

I looked up the vin and it said there were no incomplete recalls,