Shaking front end

My wifes 2000 Jeep Cherokee Sport shakes when the vehicle gets up to 50mph. It starts out with light shaking and gets worse up to 60mph. At 60ph, the shaking subsides and the vehicle runs as normal. I’ve had the old tires rotated, changed all tires, got a front end alignment, and still the shaking persists. Any advice on what may be causing the shaking?

Jim, Has Anybody Checked The Steering Damper?

Most of these Jeeps have a steering damper (5th shock absorber) that prevents this shimmy. Going over a bump often triggers the shimmy that you describe when the damper wears out.


Jim, Here’s A Link To A 32 Buck Damper (Steering Stabilizer) That Replaces The Original One.

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I don’t know what Jeep charges for one.