Jeep Dash board-passenger side--sounds like a "whoopee cushion"-help

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Limited–4.7 V8: when the car is turned off–there are sounds coming from the dash–passenger’s side–like escaping air–like a whoopee cushion–maybe for one minute. Is this the AC system—or air bag or ???

please help
Dragon 6

My guess is that it is the air conditioning system. The blend doors are operated by vacuum and the control for one of the blend doors in the system is closing. This isn’t anything to worry about as long as the AC works properly. I’m certain that it isn’t the air bag.

thanks. can it be fixed?

My 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a range of noises that sound like they are coming from in front of the passengers feet. Even though all my gauges and fluid levels look fine, if I take the cap off the radiator (carefully, and only when the engine is cold) I find that I can sneak in another cup or so of antifreeze before it’s “really full”. That seems to take care of the noise. Apparently there are bubbles that build up in the heater coil that make all sorts of strange noises. Over-filling, as I am doing, forces those bubbles out.

First, Thanks for the help. Interesting coincidence–though. Is there a connection between the radiator and the dash noises???–I haven’t had the radiator looked at but the screen shows, “low fluid”–when it does not look low. I wonder if the air noise and radiator message could be connected?
Thanks again, Dragon6