2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Loud grinding noise near front passenger side

I was wondering if anyone had some insight regarding a loud grinding noise that randomly happens towards the front passenger side of my Jeep. This noise does not happen every time I drive, I’ve taken it to three mechanics with no luck, they have claimed to check the breaks and wheel bearings, so I don’t think it’s that.

Here is a recording of the noise, it happens three times in this clip: clyp.it/lsqsa2y1

This noise happens when I’m turning, speeding up, coasting in traffic, stopped at a light, and even sitting in park in a driveway. There are no service engine lights or anything like that on.

It’s a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, 4.0 with 2WD.

that is not a link, it’s the file name, probably on your computer.

Yes it is, here I added http:// to make it look more like one:


That doesn’t sound like a grinding noise to me.it sounds like a component driven by the serpentine belt starting to seize up.

Ok that would make sense why it happens so randomly. Do you have any tips on how I should inspect it or pinpoint the component?

I think you ran over some poor guy that was just trying to practice his Tuba.

But yes @oldtimer-11 might be right.


That sounds like the expansion valve for the air conditioning, sometimes they buzz like that, sounds like a trumpet in the dash. Next time the noise begins switch off the A/C and see if the noise stops. The expansion valve doesn’t have to be replaced, the noise is just an annoyance.