I have a 2002 grande cherokee,laredo. There is a problem with it that we’ve had checked out by 3 separate mechanics and no one can figure out the problem. The vehicle tends to pull quickly toward the right when you let your foot off the gas pedal on the highway while the steering wheel remains in the same position. I can stop the vehicle from veering by pressing on the gas pedal and the jeep will go straight. At first I thought the jeep needed an alignment. The first mechanic said we should be alset because the jeep did need an alignment. After test driving I brought it back to the mechanic and told him the problem was still there. He took the vechile back to recheck his work. Drove it again and It still was veering. Brought to two other mechanic and well I still have the problem. We don’t know where to go from here. Help! Thank-you

Check for dragging brakes on the right side of the car, most likely on the right front wheel.

I think this may be a faulty power steering unit, be it a box or rack.

Has a mechanic ridden with you to see the problem? That should be your next step.

Yes, they have all driven the jeep. Thank you for your input.

I forgot to mention that the veering seemed to start right after we had 4 new tires installed, which included the first alignment.

Given that, rotating the tyres (that will move any offending tyre causing a change in the way it offends) and having the alignment checked by a different shop would be a good idea.

In that case, it is possible that the alignment was not done correctly, or that you have a defective tire.

I thought the same way about the alignment, so I asked them to recheck their work and they did. The print out showed that the alignment was within Jeep’s specifications. I than brought the jeep to someone else for a third check. The reading were all within the tolerances.

What about rotating the tires?

That’s an idea. I have been checking the tires for unusual wearing. All the tires seem to be wearing normally.

You could still have one tire with a bad belt. Not common, but also not unheard-of.