I’ve got a 2004 Ford Ranger. I’ve noticed lately that it has started veering to the left. My first thought was that it was out of alignment, but after two trips to the mechanic, he said the alignment was fine. My second thought was that the tire pressure was uneven on the left side, but when I checked it, the pressure was fine all around. So does anyone know what might be causing this?

I had the same problem with a 1993 Caprice pulling to the right. It was aligned twice and had the tires rotated front to back to no effect. I then switched the front tires side to side, since then (5 years ago) the car has tracked straight. I would try this.

Ed B.

Thanks. I’ll try this next time I’m in and see how it works.

Have they checked the front and rear suspension and the rear alignment. Have you hit any curbs or potholes recently