Jeep Compass 2019 - Clicking noise issue

Hey folks. I hope I can receive an advice.
One month ago, my Compass started to make an annoying clicking noise whenever I steer on parking. I brought the car to the dealer to get it checked. I was told the rotors have heat spots and are pitted. They suggested me to keep the car as it is because replacing all the rotors would cost $1000 (yuk!). I am honestly shocked; the car is young (2 years old, 18500 miles), how can be the rotors already pitted? Should I get a second opinion from an independent mechanic? Thanks.

We had a plymouth, 13k miles pitted rotors, dealer replaced them goodwill. Rusted rotors on a 2017, we bought it used and got 1/2 off the brake job after complaining to the dealership. Stuff happens, talk to the higher ups, hope you get help.

Yes get a second opinion from independent. Brake’s are wear item’s and are not covered under warrenty plus an independent will be quite a bit cheaper than the dealer.

Never heard rotors click before.

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Me neither but is it possible the pads are catching and releasing, making a clicking sound? TBH, it sounds more like a CV joint issue to me but I’m no mechanic.

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Agreed with getting a second estimate from a non-Jeep dealer. I’d guess all in, for both pads and rotors on the front and back ought to cost no more than $500 from an independent shop.

But I also have never heard of bad rotors “clicking”. Hmm.

I have heard brake rotors click, however in this case it was not stated that the rotors are the source of the noise. With the rotors in poor condition the sound will be from pad movement.

Thank you for your answers guys. I agree… the rotors cannot really click. I believe the source of the noise is the pads but I will double check with an independent soon. Also, I am at the end of my lease and I am tempted to buy the car. I might ask the dealer to fix the noise if they want me to to purchase or no deal. I’ll let you know about any further developments.

You would be buying the vehicle from the financial division of the auto company, the dealer will not profit from this transaction. Also, the service department won’t be interested in giving away a repair to satisfy a sales transaction, these are separate departments.

Then turn it back in . You are on the web asking about problems , what is the next problem going to be. Nevada is correct , the dealer is not going to do anything for free on this vehicle.

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Interesting situation. You may have some leverage to have them fix it but you may also be charged for excessive wear and tear if you turn it in. Check the terms of your lease carefully.

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Exactly, this is my same thought. I do not want to be charged by the leasing company, if I can take care of the problem I definitely will. Well, the car is currently at the mechanic’s for a second opinion. Best scenario would be this issue can be covered by the warranty. However, if the rotors are the issue, warranty does not cover. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Let us know. I think @davepsinbox_157004 has the best possibly concerning CV joints. But can’t really tell without hands on.

Hello guys. I finally have updates. The second mechanic took the wheel apart, greased up the rotor and put everything back together. The noise was still there. He said: this ain’t a rotor thing!! He could not find the cause yet, but he will let me know. It will most likely be covered by warranty, since it’s def not a wear and tear issue. The dealer’s service mechanics probably rushed it out or did not care (I am so mad about it!!!). I’ll keep you posted.

Are you saying you paid a non dealer shop for this service ? I thought you had a short amount of time left on your lease . I can’t understand why you are even thinking about buying a lease vehicle that you have a problem with this soon. Myself I would turn it back in and try something else.

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I didn’t pay a dime and I am not going to do it :joy: I went to another Jeep dealer, they are taking care of it. So yeah, the dealer is doing it free because it is under warranty.
Once the lease expires, I want the peace of mind the leasing company won’t charge me. But yeah, I also consider to buy the car. I understand your thought but I love it, it kept me cozy, warm and brought me on many adventures and across the country. I guess I’ll see what’s wrong with it. Hopefully it’s something minor.

Hello. The car was finally fixed at the second dealership. Bearings, tie rods, and ball joints needed replacement. Fortunately, everything was covered by the warranty. I don’t know if purchasing the vehicle is wise now. Maybe I’ll go with a new lease.

A new lease might be the best way to go, hopefully the next one will be a better vehicle for you, I’ve talked with several who just like having a car under warranty and switching every few years for a different trim or color.

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I just don’t think leasing is for the average person . You are stuck with the vehicle until lease ends or you pay a large fee to terminate early. There are just too many deals out there with low or even 0 % .

Many times the residual at lease end is more than the used market price for a similar vehicle.

I got lucky I guess. 17 Rav 4 lease buyout 17,9, average price for car in our condition and miles last Septemeber 22k… 32k list new, 11032 in lease payments, not one rule fits all.

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