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Creaking Compass

We have an 07 Jeep Compass, 2.4L, 4WD. About 3 months ago we started to get a creaking/squeaking noise out of the rear suspension. First time I looked at it I found a lot of rust on the calipers and rotors, so new calipers, rotors and pads. Got quieter for a week or so, then it started again. Put the rear up on jack stands and pulled the wheels again. Used a 4’ pipe to move the suspension up and done. Had a little bit of noise, but I could not pinpoint the source. Soaked all the bushings with light weight oil and put it back on the road. A little better for a day or so, but still creaking. Had a problem with one of the new pads (the latest friction material, no abestos, no copper), so back on the stands and change the brakes again. Same thing, quieter for a day or so, then back to creaking. It does this at slow speeds in parking lots. Don’t really hear it on the highway. Took it to a dealer for state inspection and told them find the squeak. Claimed they could not hear it. My daughter drove the mechanic around, no noise. 5 miles after it left the dealer it is back. There is a TSB for parking brake cables with a boot failure. Checked our over the weekend and boots are good, cables are not rubbing. It seems if you fully extend the suspension by jacking it up, that makes it better for a day or so, then its back. Sprayed every joint with Lithium grease last time. Looking for suggestions?

sounds like you may have a bad universal joint

Are you talking U-joint on the driveshaft, or an axle half shaft?

This was the fix on a forum - Free up & re-route brake cable as it was installed incorrectly and rubbing on trailing arms. I know yours is not a Patriot, but I thought it might help since the description sounds the same.

drive shaft

Sounds to me like a bad sway bar link ball joint. The ball joints are probably sealed, so you can’t lube them. But you should be able to pinpoint the source of the noise. Jack it up and use your 4’ pipe to move the suspension up and down. Have a friend use a piece of garden hose and put one end on various parts of the suspension, including the ball joints of the sway bar links. With his ear on the other end of the hose he’ll soon find which part is making the creaking.

Be sure to use jack stands so no one gets crushed under the Jeep!