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Jeep Commander 2007 shuts off on its own while driving

My mother-in-law is having problems with her Jeep. It will shut itself off while she’s driving it. It’s intermittent, and of course, the mechanic can’t find the problem when it’s in the shop. She thinks it’s because she might have switched to a poorer-quality gas, but she’s had it at 3 repair shops, and no one can find the source of the problem. Only one mechanic has gotten it to malfunction for him, but he still can’t figure out what’s the problem. I’d appreciate your insights!

Cars and trucks store their malfunction inside the onboard computer. Drive it to pepboys or autozone to see if a store was indeed stored. Don’t let them fix anything on account of them being morons, tho. Just say thank you after you take note of the codes. They look like this PXXXX with XXXX being a number.

If the truck didn’t store a code, it is possible that the ignition switch is getting flaky and it turns the vehicle off, just like you turn the key.
Does she have a bunch of keys on the chain? Heavy keys can cause the ignition switch to wear prematurely. See what happens when you take all keys off and just drive with one key. While the damage is likely done, it may actually cause it to happen less.