2008 Jeep Commander that shut off while driving

I have a 2008 Jeep Commander that shut off while driving at any speed. Paid the dealer twice to research and all they can say it’s the catalytic converter. If it was that it wouldn’t start up everytime it shuts off… Let’s start there first they say. My jeep shut off at any speed or just waiting for a red light to change. But dangerous because it will shut off with out a warning in the middle of making a turn. i have notified Chrysler but no answer to my problem.

Very, Very Long Shot Questions, But I Have To Ask -

Are you the original owner or have you owned the Jeep for quite some time ?

Have you or the dealer checked to make sure that your Commander wasn’t one of appproximately only SIXTY 2008 Commander And 2008 Grand Cherokee vehicles, built from 12/04/07 through 12/11/07, that have incorrectly manufactured FMCs (Front Control Modules) ?

" Engine stalling or inoperative wipers could cause a crash without warning. "

A RECALL was issued and dealers are to inspect the control and reconfigure it if found to need it.
The dealer should be able to run a check with your VIN (vehicle identification number).


How Many Miles On This Vehicle ?
A Converter Could Have A Warranty That Covers It Beyond The Drive Train Warranty Period.

If it’s been looked at twice and needs a converter, what happened after it was replaced or why hasn’t it been replaced ?