1993 Jeep Cherokee - Shuts off

My Jeep has started intermittently shutting off while driving at low to moderate speed. At first I suspected the crank position sensor, but it always restarts right away. My mechanic cannot get it to duplicate the problem during test drives.

It could very well be the crankshaft position sensor.

This is one of the symptoms.

Only, there will come a time when the engine will shut off and not restart.



I am not one for throwing parts at a problem but this is one case where I would try it. @Tester is correct your symptoms point to a failing sensor. They are inexpensive. I don’t know how hard it is to access it but in general can be done without major effort.

An aged, intermittent fuel pump and/or ASD (Auto Shut Down) relay could also cause this kind of problem. Both of those are related and over time the ASD relay can fail due to the high current draw of the fuel pump.

That kind of problem exists with other cars also. Older European cars with a Dual Relay, Hondas and their main relay problems, and so on. Not saying that is the problem; only a possibility if the CPS does not fix it. Considering the age, unplugging and reconnecting a few wire connectors might help as scale can build up over time and cause poor connections.

Just a tiny bit of info if needed.