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2001 Jeep Cherokee check engine light

I own a 2001 Jeep Cherokee with 104,000+ miles. It runs great and doesn’t have any issues. However, i started it up this morning and the check engine light came on. Should this be concerning? I haven’t done any real maintenance on it since it runs so well. And i guess that’s my other question - what should i do to the Jeep to keep it running for another 100,000+ miles? Spark plugs? Timing belt??

Yes, you shouuld be concerned about the light. Have a parts store read the fauly codes and we’ll help from there.

Check the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule for your Jeep. Get all the maintenance up to date and keep it there. That’s the way to get longevity out of a vehicle.

@gsharpe, get that code read and post it, please.

Am I to understand that you’ve done no maintenance at all, besides tires, brakes and oil changes?

You are probably way overdue for spark plugs, transmission fluid and filter service, fuel filter.

You have a 4.0, right? Those engines have a timing chain, I believe. There’s no set replacement interval for chains.

Do you even have the owner’s manual? If you don’t, you should get one, or at least find the part that lists the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.