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Jeep Car Crush

Heard recent show suggesting one rent a Jeep before buying, to make certain the crush merits a lasting relationship. Have been trying for months to find someone who rents Jeeps, but no luck. Any recommendations in the Baltimore-Washington region? Any Jeep owners want to talk me in to or out of this relationship? says they rent Jeep Liberty and Grand Cherokee at BWI. I would call and verify.

Why don’t you contact a Jeep dealer, explain what you want, and ask them who rents Jeeps? Antwerpen is on Rte 40 in Catonsville.

What kind of “Jeep” are you talking about??

Find one for sale and act like you are going to buy it and test drive.
Who knows maybe you will buy it.

Try your local rental car place.

Try a vacation in Moab, Utah (not in the summer though), rent a Jeep and drive some of the many jeep trails in the area.

My ex borrowed my Jeep Grand Cherokee a few weeks ago. She slid in the road at 50mph and hit a tree on the passenger side and hit a culvert. The concrete drain pipe caught the driver’s wheel and flipped it end over end (front to rear flip). She only sustained a broken arm and facial lacerations. Everyone who first saw the wreck though she was dead including the deputies who responded. If she was not trapped in her seatbelt upside down, she would have walked away. I am including pics of the Jeep.