Mid-life crisis jeep


There - I’ve said it - it’s a mid-life crisis thing - I want a Jeep. I don’t off-road, family camping trips are minivan accessible, and our snow covered roads are usually paved fairly promptly. But I want a Jeep.

I don’t want a 4Runner or Pathfinder, because I want to buy American. I want a Jeep. I like the Wrangler, but it’s only belted for four passengers. The Unlimited is too big. So I am thinking of a used Liberty or Grand Cherokee. Any thoughts, perspetives, experiences to share?


Don’t know what you’ll find ‘special’ about a Liberty or Grand Cherokee, the Wrangler is the only one that is unique. Make sure you test drive them first, we just had someone complaining about the seating in a Grand Cherokee.


I have owned Jeep Cherokees and Grand Cherokees for many years. They have a decent ride, very dependable and fuel efficient on the highway. I would recommend the Grand Cherokee with the 4.0 HO engine without the fulltime 4WD.


Yes, I had a Cherokee for 12 years in Alaska, served us well. I’m just curious, I guess, about what makes these 2 models catch the OP’s attention. Not that it’s any of my business ;-).


Liberty or Grand Cherokee are a fine choice used if they float your boat. Go for it.

Out of curiosity what do you drive now?


The Cherokee (not grand) is belted for 5. Tight fit as the kiddies grow, but … It’s basically the same interior space as a Wrangler seating wise. Same front end and axle (and therefore body) width.

…but since it won’t be your only vehicle …and, as you say, the minivan works for just about everything that you do, then I can’t see why a Wrangler would be off of your list of potential suspects.


If that’s what you want, that’s what you should get. I’m not a Jeep guy, so I can’t hope to understand. Just have it checked over thoroughly before buying.


Does it have to be a Jeep-brand jeep?

A compact truck with a crew cab would have the macho appeal and off-road ability (or at least appearance therof) and they usually have 5 or 6 seatbelts. I don’t think they sell the Ranger as a crew-cab here, but you could get a Dakota or Colorado. Get some beefy tires, maybe a roll-bar and a push rack and it’ll be plenty tough looking.

If you’re sticking with Jeep, the Cherokee “classic” is a more-practical SUV than the Wrangler, but not quite the soccer-mom mobile the Grand Cherokee is.


WEll, if you don’t plan to off-road, a Grand Cherokee can be had inexpensively as 2wd and is belted for 5 though the rear mid passenger will have a tight fit. Personally prefer 1st gen GC


Donutman, whats the point of having a mid-life crisis and buy a vehicle that about 2 million other people have? That’s like going to Baskin Robbins ice cream because you want something different and getting VANILLA! Or buying a mid life crisis car and driving home in an Impala. I’m joking but if those vehicles fit your needs then it would be cheaper to be practical than cool.


If you find a buy-one-get one free deal sign me up too.
Seriously, I am thinking about having a crisis of my own, having some knee pain with the sedan too. I love the pre 2005 Jeep GC’s too.
Used to have a restored Willy’s in my younger days and I think the Wrangler would be a bit rough for me now.