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Wendy-- you can have adventures with any car!

A recent caller Wendy wanted to buy a new Jeep Liberty (despite issues with financing) because she wanted some adventure for herself and her two sons. I’ve driven a cool Jeep with no top, a tiny Geo Metro, an old Ford boat of a sedan, an old Ford truck, and a Suzuki hatchback. And I can say that it’s what you DO with the car and NOT the car that determines how adventuresome your life is. I’ve had the greatest times in the Suzuki even though it’s not cool-looking, a total mom-mobile, and has almost no clearance (careful driving, some branches stuck in the undercarriage, and a bent tail-pipe later). Plus try driving one of the old “cool” Jeeps without a serious sports bra, and you will see the value in a good suspension system.

Anyway, take a few hundred bucks and get some kayaks, mountain bikes, backpacks and tents, or go with your kids to some rock climbing classes (cliffs are where the Suzuki takes me now, and my husband and I started climbing at ~30). THAT will bring adventure into your life, not driving to the supermarket in an SUV.

Best wishes and good luck!

I agree, buying a car you can’t afford is not the kind of “adventure” that you want. If you want a jeep, find an old “real” jeep that you won’t be afraid to bang up a little.

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy. You will be hating on that Liberty in a matter of minutes. Go to a rental place that has one, and rent one for the day. $35 later you will be happy to be in a mini-van. I had one as a loaner for 2 days, and I wasn’t 3 miles down the road before I wanted to smack the designer upside the head. And while I was there, a guy came in to drop his off because after half a day in it, he couldn’t stand the thing. The ride is ok, although I’d hesitate to take it off road like I do my Forester - it’s just that the interior is possibly the most badly designed I’ve been in in years. I’ve driven 5 cars in 2 weeks - including a Town and Country. The T&C was a bit of a whale, and pickups wanted to pass you going 75, but it was way better designed inside.

I’m glad to be driving my little Forester instead.

you have given me much to ponder here.
thanks for adding your wisdom and perspective to the mix.
i need all the help i can get.
gotta go buy a serious sports bra now.
think i’ll pass on the rock climbing though!


thanks for checking in.
you’re right,
debt ain’t a good thing.
love the old jeep idea…
but am still looking at creative ways to fund the new jeep.
nothing illegal…

happy trails,

talk about throwing cold water on my fantasy!!!
OK…so i really need to rent this thing and see what happens.
i’ve talked to lots of folks who LOVE LOVE LOVE their liberty
but maybe they’ve just been drinking too much jeep coolaide.

thanks for keeping me a bit more in touch with reality!

Hey, Wendy, I really wanted Tom and Ray to ask you what kind of car (and the year) your husband has. Maybe you can pawn off the mini-van on him and he can get you a Jeep Liberty! Just sayin’! Good luck, gal!

my husband drives a 1993 Pontiac Transport MINIVAN!!!
we got it for free from my sister.
it’s crazy metalic blue and looks like a spaceship.
the car’s name is Spunky and she’s still goin’ strong.
we would have to sell the Toyota to afford the Jeep…
but this seems like a sacrafice that we just may have to make.
thanks for the love!

Pics of that crazy metalic blue 93 Transport :slight_smile:

If adventure is what you really want, may I recommend a street legal dune buggy? You can find this at

Now this would be a adventure

i’ll get you that pic tomorrow!

i can feel the wind in my hair already.
gonna need a three car garage to house all of my new rides!


i just asked my husband to build me one of these babies.
thanks for the idea!

pic of Spunky as promised!

Wendy, Advise from an old guy that has had more cars than he can count. The cars that I have loved the most are the same as women I have loved the most. The ones to stay away from are the ones that you should buy because Consumer Reports says so or because she has a great personality. The ones to get are the ones that when you sit in them or kiss them, they make your palms sweat and big smile light your face. Follow your heart and try not to let your head talk you out of it. jim

jim, i love your perspective! i’m pretty much hellbent on this jeep. i’m getting to the point now where i don’t have to make the “smart” move or even the right move. i don’t have to justify my lust. i would love to hear what your favorite cars were/are!
thanks for your thoughts,

i’m pretty much hellbent on this jeep.

Unlike a spouse or a house, it’s easy to test drive a vehicle you’ve fallen in love with. As suggested above, rent a Liberty for a week or so – day-to-day driving plus a trip – and see if you still love it after having driven it a thousand miles or so. If you do, go ahead and buy one. If you discover you can’t stand it, it’s not that much cash and time lost. Any SUV (Jeeps included) is a wildly impractical vehicle for most purposes, but if that’s what you need for your mid-life crisis…

Should have named it Lee(ugly and homely). One of my best friends has a Liberty she loves it, but don’t ride in the back it rides awful.

Wendy, Please do EVERYONE a favor and get the Jeep, if it makes you happy, everyone will be happy. Some of my favorites: '58 Renault, '64 Triumph TR4 (road trip, Rte66 Chicago to LA), '94 Dodge Turbo Caravan, '47 Lynda, '99 Chrysler 300M, '46 Teri, '96 VW GTI bought W/146,000 miles, '06 VW Passat 3.6 4 Motion, '50 Lindy. And I keep smiling, jim