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Jeep 2005 4 Wheel Drive Question

Hello, I have an issue with my Jeep’s 4 Wheel Drive and I am hoping someone can answer this question for me.

Back about 2 weeks ago, my Jeep’s 4 Wheel Calibration got mixed up. Now, the computer is telling me that the lever in the down position is Part Time, lever in the middle position is Full Time, and the Lever Up position is now OFF, (or 2 wheel).

Normal function is obviously lever all the way down is off, then part time, and lever all the way up is full time.

I have been leaving the lever in the “up” position because the computer is telling me that I am in 2 wheel drive.

I am very worried that all this time I have been driving in 4-wheel drive. My question is, should I trust what the computer is telling me??

I had a friend watch the back wheels and I accelerated really fast, and he said that the back wheels did not spin.

However, I swear I have noticed that it is driving slightly different than normal, but I could just be imagining things.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

which model jeep is this? wrangler, liberty, cherokee, or something else? select trac, quadra track or something else?
do a little searching at jeep forums and you get a headache deciphering the 4wd variations
such as: 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo AWD 3.7L V-6 Quadra-Trac
example 1. there are many more