2014 Jeep Compass - Odd drivetrain lights

When driving about 30mph,in 2wheel drive, the 4 wheel drive lite comes on. When I shut the car off and re-start, the 4wd lite is off, but when I go in drive and get about 30mph, 4wd drive comes on again. Why? Car seems to run o.k. but why is this lite coming on?

look at this u tuber trying to fix a jeep with computer problems= Dealer Had it for 6 MONTHS! Crazy Wrangler - Part 1 - YouTube network problems are crazy complicated

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Do you have any codes, you may need to check the codes while you are moving to ensure that the code is present when checking for codes.
Sounds like you may have a speed sensor fault that may be breaking down as you speed up, or possible a rear diff module issue.

If you could get us a code we may be able to help you better.