2007 Jeep Liberty - damage from part-time 4WD?

After towing my Jeep 5 miles to the repair shop for a broken shift linkage, the garage suggested I get4 new tires. I authorized them because they really were needed. When driving home the dashboard indicted that my jeep was in part time 4wd. I had already travelled 4 miles. I stopped the vehical and shifted out of pt. 3 miles later I turned into a parking spot and heard a horrid banging from the driver’s side front end. Back to the repair shop. The young mechanic said that the I was driving in 4wd which was causing the banging. I showed him he was incorrect. Now the service manager told me to drive in part-time 4wd, come back in 6 days and they will check it out again. He said the button on the shift may he the problem. Someone else suggested it could be a bad ujount or tire rod. I drive 45-50 mph zones for 20 miles up steep hills each day to get to workm will driving in continuous part-time 4wd damage my jeep? She has been a great vehical thus far.

I think someone may have the correct answer for you about possible damage . But I would not take that advice to keep driving this vehicle with these problems.

A bad tie rod on steep hills is not something I would trust . This is a case where I would have it towed to a shop that really knows what they are doing .

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Are you saying this Jeep was towed with wheels down, not flat-bedded?

Part time 4wd. Locks front/rear driveshafts. So, part time means locked or unlocked. I guess that is the definition of part time. Like sometimes.