Thanks I have decided to sell it as I am not the mechanic lover. Mistake on my part or simply taken advantage of by non disclosure. Should have had aaa inspection

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always get an inspection BEFORE you purchase a car.


An inspection might easily have not caught this transmission problem.


Sorry, I got here late.

Did you buy this lovely car from a dealer or an individual? If it came from a dealer, he may be required by state law to put some sort of warranty on it. What state are you in, I mean besides desperation? Laws vary. An individual can lie just as well as a crooked dealer. If it’s an individual, can you take him to small claims court for misrepresentation? (Not all dealers are crooked. That’s a topic for another thread.)

I understand that the mechanic you should have taken it to in the first place suggested another transmission. That’s kind of what we were expecting. I have been told, at least three times, that my cars needed transmission overhauls. A more reputable shop diagnosed one as a wiring problem, and two others as electronic items inside the transmissions as the problem. All fixed for under $200. Unfortunately they are 50 miles away, or I’d have tried them first.

Are you absolutely sure that the diagnosis was done by an honest shop? Has the mechanic offered to buy the car from you? That would be a red flag!


I agree agree agree ! Maybe I have learned…

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Yeah! I’ve been happy twice with the British racing green convertible xj6
Enjoying 10 years
This time caught me off guard
Owning it only 3 days, and not even registered yet!

Dianne Andrews


Perhaps someone else will repair that car and enjoy it for ten years.


Jags are one of my favorite cars of all time. And yet, I will probably never own one because they are too expensive new, and too unreliable used. And ‘used’ could be the day it’s driven off the new car lot.

Surprised about the MIata… must have been a lemon. Not that Mazdas are the most reliable roaming the earth, but never found them that bad. Back in the mid-90s picked up a used '87 RX7 gen 2 and put a grand into it to replace worn parts. Engine and trans were perfect. But needed brakes, clutch, plugs and wires, and fluid changes. Was still running like a top 3 years later when I needed to sell it and get a ‘family vehicle’ . One of the most fun cars I’ve had.

Have a cousin that always bought Jags, but has the money to keep them running, plus an excellent mechanic. If you can’t put up with occasional inconveniences, and/or don’t have a back up vehicle, skip it!


I almost bought one once. But my good sense got the better of me. My mom and my ladyfriend both thought I’d lost my mind. They were almost right.


But having no inspection is guaranteed to not catch this, or any other, problem this car may have.


Why would it not have caught it

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I loved two of them for 5 years each

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Well, you said it drove fine…until it didn’t. Obviously, trans failure would have been detected if it happened to occur on inspector’s test drive, but sounds like failure would have been after this. Usually, the inspection is the first thing done during negotiations.


My BIL is a died in the wool Ford fan since his 1940 ford. He bought a Jag and drove it up from Kansas a couple years ago and had warning lights going off like crazy. I said hey it’s a Jag (Ford). Nothing serious though, just a Jag.


Yes I blew it! But I also heard from another that even with an inspection it might not have showed up. It drove fine for my car mechanic and I have since driven it to a new place to put my got sake sign on it,-and it also drove fine.

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Don’t you just hate it when typos are valid words so spell-check doesn’t notice?



I drank Sake once , that was enough.


In the paper today they referred to a water “leek” instead of “leak”, and the choir was going to “preform”. Maybe it was a forsake sign?


I thought I hated Sake. Then I tried Gekkeikan Black and Gold in cedar box glasses. That is good stuff.


That’s great! Too big fingers! Hate texting! Sakes ok but wine is better and my for sale sign is on

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