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2002 Jag X type 2.5 faulty gearbox nightmare

If anyone know about this Jaguar and its JATCO 506E lemon transmission I would appreciate it.

I can’t check the fluid as it is sealed,no dip-stick to check my fluid.

Wife was alone on a long trip in heavy rain again and it happened again. Car flashs gearbox fault light and starts doing the herky jerk violently and, she limped home(bad idea).

I’m scared to take the trans in to get it checked but of course I have to. It has 63,ooo miles. We have only driven the car for the last 8 thousand miles.

I read something about the shifter cable had a service recall. This tranny is known to wear faster and only last 50K.

This sucks man, big time. Can’t imagine what a new tranny may cost.

I hope it didn’t damage the solinoids. thanks

The time to gain this knowledge is BEFORE your name is put on the ownership papers…

“This tranny is known to wear faster and only last 50K.
This sucks man, big time. Can’t imagine what a new tranny may cost.”

I should have done the homework on this car BEFORE we bought it absolutely. Can’t believe the transmission complaints with this car. It’s like the car is posessed by a deamon.

The engines don’t get much praise either…

the engine isn’t big enough for the car, it sucks. But my woe’s are tranny right now. Hoping the damn thing will dry out from its drenching and come out of limp mode long enough for the tech to tell me everything I got a 5,000 replacement cost. What a nightmare.I may have to get what I can now out of it and get rid of the lemon.

A quick look shows this transmission is used in a number of cars including VW, Mazda, etc. and like many transmissions were subject to a few problems.
If you bought the car used maybe the problem isn’t the transmission so much as the previous owner whaling on it. Put me behind the wheel of a Jag and I’m going to hammer it a bit just like I would a Vette, Mustang, or Challenger.

It’s possible that the shifter cable could be behind the transmission problem but what you need to do at this point is to have the car scanned by an indpendent or dealer transmission expert to see what codes may exist.

If emissions is not a factor, and considering the price of a Jag transmission, that car would get a Ford 5.0/AOD swap if it were mine.

Thanks, I’m just hoping that maybe I have moisture in the TCM which I have read this car is notorious for. She said she managed to run pretty smooth at about 50 miles an hour for a while and then the thing would buck and limp and…it’s a nightmare. Both times this happened she encounter heavy rain storms. Moisture in the TCM? I’m no tech so there’s no use trying to speculate. Why the hell does it run great when it’s dry?
I’ll have the code’s scanned by a Tech…

I wonder why my wife thinks that a damn Jaguar isn’t going to be a maintenance nightmare.

Just because the transmission is sealed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the transmission fluid changed. You bought the car with 50K miles, have you had the transmission fluid changed since you owned the car?

You now know the transmissions are suspect, but your plan is to let it dry out and if it goes out of limp mode just “drive on”? That is a receipe for future failure. Take the car to a good trans shop (not AAMCO, or a chain) and at least have the fluid and filter changed. Then they can tell you the condition of the fluid at least.

If you want the trans to last, don’t ignore it.

Well I appreciate the concern about driving it without getting the trans checked and everything else. We woke up this morning, took it for a drive. Took it through all the gears, and it ran like a top. I called Jaguar here in Novi and talked to the service manager and I’m gonna bring it in and have a check up.
I assure you that I read all the service requirements for this car the day that we bought it. And I could not find one thing in it about servicing the transmission or changing fluid at all. I had the service manager look it up and it is what is called a service free transmission, I swear to God. Don’t ask me how they do it or why but the trans fluid runs for the life of the unit. Then I go to the Jag forum and I read threads where people changed their fluid. I’m gonna do what the tech says. He says they will subject suspected areas with water and see if I have water getting into the TCM for instance, he says he has seen this happen with similar models. Same symtoms. Plus the fact that the cruise control is non-functional helped him narrow down a possable TCM moisture problem. I will let the experts handle it. It’s a good sign that it runs smooth and hasn’t monkeyed so, I’m crossing my fingers. She knew the cost of parts and service on a car like this when she bought it.

If the light goes out displaying error and it drives fine once again I would talk your wife into trading this car in. Besides the transmission the transfer case is also prone to a $3500 repair.

This is a nightmare vehicle at best. Even real Jag’s are not this poor in quality, this is an abomination of a European Ford car with a Jag badge affixed to it.

In most “service free” transmissions you can drop the pan and change the fluid. Service free is not the same as trouble free.

This may be nothing serious at all so don’t throw in the towel yet. Wire connector scaled over, hiccup in a shift solenoid, etc.

If it will make you feel any better, every other car maker has their share of transmission problems also; from Audi to Yugo nobody gets a free pass.
Pick a car (Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, Nissan, etc.) and do some research. I think you’ll find that every make has their share of trans problem from minor to major.