Jaguar x type

Are Jaguar x type expensive to repair and maintain?

Most certainly…

Aye, laddie.

I can’t speak for the X-type, but I do know that in the 80’s-90’s my mom was office manager for a company where the prez had a new leased Jaguar that he traded in every few years. She said the Jags spent half the time at the shop being fixed…and that was when they were brand new!

They’re the worst Jaguar - poor reliability and none of the Jaguar performance or class. They are upgraded Ford Contours (the generation after the one we got), nothing more. Avoid them.

Wow, guess I need to stick with the Mazda 3. Thanks for your help!

Extremly as it has engineering and design defects in major powertrain areas. Problems include failing AWD, transmissions and engine related problems. The sad thing is the car is nothing more than a rebadged european Ford model.


They are reliable cars. Jags built this century benefited from their relationship with Ford. 2004-2007 cars have only minor problems with all systems. It will be expensive to fix if anything goes wrong, as is the case with any luxury sedan. OTOH, it does share some gear with mere Fords. It’s competition is more competent, and maybe you should look at a Lexus IS, Infiniti G35, or BMW 325.

Thanks for all of your comments.