Any reason not to buy a 2017 Jaguar XE?

No problem …just wondering if there are any issues that would steer me away from purchasing one of these vehicles

Impossible to answer because not all of them will have the same problems. That is why you pay a mechanic about 100.00 to 125.00 to look it over for problems. Then when something does break expect to pay high repair bills.

I love Jaguar, but as with any Euro-Lux cars, repairs, when out of warranty, can be quite expensive.


Expensive to service European car with only 3 more years of warranty. If you only plan to keep it 3 years, what’s to worry?

Well, this sure isn’t promising, Jaguars have a well-earned reputation as unreliable money pits:


Whoa! Equal with Fiat?? That’s not good at all…

I do not know about that model, a friend had a 2014 maybe, terrible in the snow, if you deal with snow.

Look where BMW and Audi are on that list. Do we need to change our tune when people ask about their reliability?

BMW and Audi make several models that are fairly reliable. Repair costs could be a different matter…


And that chart just says “Score”…are we sure that’s just reliability?

You’re right, that’s their combined score, which includes road test, buyer satisfaction, reliability, and their safety features. The Jags road test scores were higher than Toyota. It was their horrible reliability scores that sent them to the bottom of the list.

Hmmm… just the fact that it’s a Jaguar would convince me to look for something else.

Because Jaguars are overpriced junk, so don’t buy any of them! Unless of course you have your own mechanic on payroll, an unlimited repair budget, and don’t care about reliability.

What do “brand scores” mean? Is this reliability statistics or customer satisfaction? Or maybe Consumer Reports ratings?