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Jaguar mechanic

Had hoped to find a Jaguar mechanic with a “Car Talk” recommendation within 25 to 30 miles. However web site wouldn’t do so.

So your question would be?? How to operate “Mechanics Files” ?? Or a mechanic recommendation? (we don’t know where you live…)

Hi Sid, yes — mechanics files wouldn’t or couldn’t find you a mechanic? If there’s a bug I’d like to know. Thanks.

You might have increase you mileage distance.

I can’t speak for the entire Mechanics File section . I looked at it for my town and the major city near me , all the reports were years old and I know many of the places listed have closed or changed owners . Also how can they all have 5 star ratings ?

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I just checked for my town it list’s 3 one is a tire company & the other 2 are no longer around.

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You might try searching for European specialty. If your Jag was built in the last 20years or so, any mechanic should be able to work on your car. What year and model do you have?

Give A general area, sorry if I missed it.

The mechanic’s files are far from perfect but it’s better than in the past with a few more places that no longer exist by that name or in that location. Only one shop came up for Jaguar’s when i searched around here but a more general search came up with some of the same places as the site below.

Since you never really ask a question, here’s my comments.

  1. No one has tagged any as Jaguar specific mechanics within that distance from you.
  2. There are no Jaguar specific mechanics within that distance.
  3. Expand your search area.
  4. Inquire on a Jaguar specific forum.

Thanks to you and @wolyrobb. Mechanics Files are being worked on, and if it wasn’t working at all, then I would certainly relay that to the appropriate person. I think that updating is going to be a component of that project. I don’t know the timetable, though.

As a test, the Mechanic’s files returned zero when I asked it for a local Jaguar specialist.
However, without specifying a make, the first shop that came up was my local, honest, Shell station that has been run by the same family for 74 years! So, I know that there is some validity to the search results.

Updating the Mechanics File seems like a very large project . Even purging old listing ( who decides at what age they should be removed ) . Some of the ones I read seem like they were put there by the business their self .
Might be best to just leave it alone rather then put the Car Talk forum staff in the position of being accused of playing favorites .
As a side note , I would have given a very high rating to a Nissan dealership a year ago . But it just changed hands two months ago so now who knows what they are like. Maybe the Mechanics File could link to an article by your partner Best Ride on how to find and check ratings for a shop.

Some of these businesses have closed their doors, or have changed ownership. Researching which ones to delete from the Mechanic’s Files would seem to be a very long and detailed process. It would be easier–IMHO–to just leave the listings as-is, and allow people to drive past the ones that no longer exist.

Just like the numerous Amazon product ratings that are bogus.

I didn’t say it was going to be the forum staff. I am just mentioning that there is some effort to look at and possibly update that section of the site. However, if it didn’t work at all…that’s another issue.

The same way every auto insurance company can save you $600?


The Internet is never wrong :upside_down_face:

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and if you change insurance companies every 6 months you have free insurance in a couple of years.


Depending on the year, how about a Ford mechanic. My BIL uses Ford for his Jag.

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Find a Jag forum and ask there. Jag owners are experts at finding mechanics…:wink: