It sure would be nice to see how fast i am going in the dark



at night when i turn the head lights on the dash doesnt light up…

however,the dash lights do come on in freezing weather and stay on for a few miles.

the dim switch works. ie: it dims the radio light and the lights…

i cant find a bunk fuse…



Bad connection somewhere. Break out the multimeter and start testing wires. This could take you awhile and may require partial or, in some cars full, dash disassembly.


I agree. The circuit works when the car is freezing cold because it takes a few minutes for something loose or corroded in the circuit to heat up, creating enough resistance to prevent the current from flowing. The problem doesn’t affect the headlights, or the other dim switch-related lamps, so you can disregard any fuses, your headlamp switch or your dimlight switch. This might be as simple as a corroded or loose dashboard lamp. Start with that and work backward.


As noted this is a search for wiring problems. You’ll need a wiring diagram & might be able to find a free one via Autozone’s online repair info. Just register an email address, plug in the car’s info & find the repair info section. Or you can find a repair manual which should contain the basic diagrams. (You can’t always trust them, but they’re better than nothing).